Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hooray, Hoorah (Summer '19)

01. Mink DeVille "Spanish Stroll"
02. Nick Lowe "So It Goes"
03. Andy Arthurs & the Rock Along Combo "Play the Music"
04. Ace Frehley "New York Groove"
05. Randy & the Goats "N.Y. Survivor"
06. Cooley & Munson "Sightly Sue"
07. Darcy Clay "And It Was Easy"
08. J.J. Cale "Rock & Roll Records"
09. Lance LeGault "Feel Good"
10. Tim Hardin "Soft Summer Breeze"
11. Jon D. Loudermilk "Tobacco Road"
12. Johnny Sayles "You Did Me Wrong"
13. Billy Swan "I Can Help"
14. Bob Lind "Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)"
15. Bobby Wright "Blood of An American"
16. Fraction "This Bird (Sky High)"
17. Fatal Microbes "Violence Grows"
18. Can "I Want More"
19. Annette Peacock "Pony"
20. Band Apart "Eve Ryonne"
21. The Teardrops "Tears Come Tumbling"
22. Darondo "Luscious Lady"
23. Marvin Gaye "It Hurt Me Too"
24. Hilton Felton "The Power of Love (It's In My Heart)"
25. George McCrae "You Can Have It All"
26. Henson "Do Me Wrong, But Do Me"
27. Alessi Brothers "Seabird"
28. Charlie Megira "The Death Dance of the Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe"
29. Le Kéné-Star De Sikasso "Kenedugu Fanga"
30. Teshome Meteku "Gara Ser New Betesh"
31. Mangue Konde et Le Super Mande "Kabendo"
32. Chai Muangsing "Pee Kao Pee Oak (Ghost In Ghost Out)"
33. Mighty Duke "Be Yourself"
34. Senay "Dalkavuk (Baris K Edit)"
35. Segun Bucknor "Tragedy"
36. Apostles "Banko Woman"
37. Lô Borges "Você Fica Melhor Assim"
38. John "Buddy" Williams "Hooray, Hoorah"
39. Exuma "The Vision"
40. The DeZurick Sisters "Hawaiian Chimes"

Cabin Floor Radio never really goes away. A long mix of Summertime tunes for weekends on those Midwestern rocky riverside "beaches" or morning commutes with the windows down and the smell of warm asphalt in the air. Something sweaty for all occasions. Grab a shandy or a shrub and loosen a few buttons. You know the deal.

As an apology for the long wait, and the inevitable long wait for whatever comes next, this one is over two and half hours long!

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Cover: Doris Lee, Fisherman's Wife, 1945 (Cropped)

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